Kodak HIE Infrared in PMK

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Has anybody had any experience with HIE in PMK? Seems like a match made in heaven, to my instincts. Tell me how it worked out, your times and EIs, and anything else of interest.

-- Jim MacKenzie (photojim@yahoo.com), June 08, 2001


Jim, I recently processed a roll in Pyro, but alas I under developed the film. I gave it 9min. @ 21.C. I think 12min. would be nearer the mark. However I've had good results with DiXactol, 9min.@ 21.C. Nice looking negs.Regards,

-- Trevor Crone (trevor.crone@uk.dreamcast.com), June 09, 2001.

HIE processed in good ol' D76 is a marriage made in heaven *LOL*. It is economical, easy and effective. I've used this combo for over ten years, on over 100 rolls of HIE.

-- Michael World (canuckguyinadarkroom@hotmail.com), June 11, 2001.

I suggest 12 minutes in PMK at 70 degrees, at an EI of 50 to 100. If you want to mix some PMK+ you can get a bit more speed. With a 25 red filter I was shooting at EI 6 and 12--I have to say most of the time the longer exposures gave me better results, but the others were acceptable. I really want to get some 70mm cut down to 120 and try it for some nudes.

-- Ed Buffaloe (edb@unblinkingeye.com), June 13, 2001.

Much as I like PMK for most films, I have had consistent streaking problems with HIE developed in it -- in 35mm, 70mm and 4x5. D76 1:1 or Rodinol for 70mm or 4x5 work much better.

-- John Lehman (al7jj@yahoo.com), June 15, 2001.

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