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We planted tomato seedlings back in April.... in containers, but some in ground. The ground ones are slow to flower.

Problem is the ones in pots are getting sooooooooo tall..they all have flowers at the top....making fruit. Look healthy.

What should I do? Leave them to keep growing, or cut off tops (flowers and fruits) to make them branch?

We're in Texas.....Houston area.

Thanks for replies!


-- Birdlady (, June 07, 2001


Hi Birdlady, The best thing to do with tomato plants, tall or short, is to plant them deep! Close to 80% of the plant should be underground. Tomato plants will grow roots along their stems like crazy--you almost can't plant them too deep. That's what I (and many others) do here in Michigan. And mulch 'em real good.


-- Mike (, June 07, 2001.

Same here. We just planted some that were very leggy and stuck at least 75% of them underground!

-- Ardie from WI (, June 08, 2001.


I think you should top off (cut off) the top 1/3 of your tomatoes' in pots, as the suckers (side shoots) will fill out nicely, allowing some of your tomatoes to grow from the sides, not cutting off production too much. Tomatoes cages just wider than your container would allow your tomatoes to be somewhat contained and supported. I would certainly rather trim my tomatoes than have them break off, and damage the plant badly.

-- Marty (, June 08, 2001.

If the pots are where you could hang a rope from above, you can train the plants up it, it would need a heavy brick to hold down the bottom end (or nail it if they'er on the porch).

-- Thumper (, June 08, 2001.

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