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i am seperated my husband is bloocing every efort i make to keep the morgage paid,i had tenents untill march he wont co-operate no payment has been made scince march. the property is emtpty it is complete stale mate i dont have the finaces to fight this, the property hasnt sold when put on the market, my morgage is with the halifax would volantary reposession be the solution this has been going on for two years

-- eileen parker (, June 07, 2001


As you are separated from your husband, I would strongly suggest that you see a solicitor.

If the property is empty, it will have a better chance of selling. Most buyers aren't happy to purchase a house when there are sitting tenants.

If you can afford to, freshen the house up with a lick of paint, do odd jobs that require little effort and little costs - those jobs we know we need to do but never get round to! Those little things will all go to help a sale. Also have a word with your local estate agent, see what else you can do to encourage buyers. It may be that you're best changing agents. Make sure that you get one thats does a no sale no fee.

If the house has any amount of equity in it,then it may well be worth investing a little in it to get it sold.

To surrender the property, or to have it repossessed, is not a choice you want to make without giving it great thought. Read through the website for advice and information on what other people have done. but I suggest that you see a new estate agent and a solicitor first.

-- pendle (, June 12, 2001.

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