How do I make it so that downloaded vcds play on my tv... Seems it runs on the monitor frame rate.. how do i make it soo it runs on a tv frame rate.. !! it like keeps moving up and down... when i play the vcd on my tv. : LUSENET : Video CD : One Thread

Ok. This is how it is for me. First i downloaded a VCD of the internet.. it worked fine on my computer didn't move the screen around it just stayed center.. but when i burn it with NeRo 5.0. then play it on my external VCD player it skips.. is it the tv frame rate???? cause i know tv and monitor do frames at different rates.. How do i change the frame rate on the VCD to make it work correctly?

-- DilLusIonaL (, June 06, 2001


Your problem might be that you have burned your VCD with either the wrong either standard for your tv-set, depending from where you live... American standard for your format would be NTSC, it comes with a higher frame-rate and looks quite funky on a TV-set that only displays PAL-TV-Format. You can adjust that in the settings of your converter program to adjust the result to your need :) Win on CD 5.O or Nero should be able to do that, tested only the first.

-- Andy (, June 25, 2002.

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