see earlier question/comment regarding NATIOANL HOME LOANS. Although we are using a Solitor for help we do not have any of our paperwork, due to moving house so often it all got lost, any advice?

-- d c (, June 06, 2001


ou need to fing out how long 'they' are LEGALLY required to retain ALL documentation relating to the mortgage & re-po, surely your solicitor should be able to advise on that. If they have produced TRUE 'figures' to claim the alleged debt they must have data somewhere to support the claim, otherwise they won't be able to substantiate their claim in Court. Therefore if they say they CAN substantiate the claim you are entitled to have copies of the data. Depending on the legal time you should be able to insist upon copies of ALL data relevant to the mortgage & re-possession. When push comes to shove, THEY are making the allegation so THE BURDEN OF PROOF LIES WITH THEM! Joy

-- Joy Harker (, June 06, 2001.

vision statement our vision: Our vision is to become the UK's most highly regarded specialist provider of finance for people. As such, we will assist our customers to achieve their lifestyle ambitions and be an organisation of which employees can be proud. our promise: In pursuit of our vision, we promise to: Deliver product value with service excellence To seek constant improvement - never being satisfied our values: Our seven values for success: Team work - to work in harmony and collectively towards the delivery of our overall objectives. Creativity - to identify and create new business opportunities and to apply creative and effective solutions to problems. Integrity - to be ruthlessly honest and open in everything we do. Respect - to treat people as individuals and to listen to their views. Humour - to ensure we have fun whilst achieving success. Commitment - to drive the business forward with determination and to do so with effort and enthusiasm. Professionalism - to maintain the highest standards and to deliver our products and services with care and accuracy. This is from Paragon Website it needs no comment Also LOM RECOVERIES ARE DORMANT OR THEY WERE!!!!!

The best Lawyers they can get if the case gets tricky! the Courts are littered with cases on Paragon ,were they have Challenged the most Hard lawyers etc in various Courts! They do not care about any welfare problems,disabilities from there Victims! They will Hound you for ever untill they have got every pound of flesh ask anyone who has been a victim of there,s.

They have a lot to answer for to many,of there ex borowers and all the details on this website should you read them!

They are inviting comments on there website about CUSTOMER FIRST POLICY!

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (charles, June 06, 2001.

The lender should keep paperwork for the life of the mortgage, so it would make sense for them to have this paperwork when making a claim against you.

If a lender is going to take you to court, they would need to be able to produce the necessary paperwork to back up their claim.

As you will see from other postings on this site, it is very hard to get the copies of documents that you require. It may be that if the lender does issue proceedings, you'll have to wait for "Discovery" to get all you need. Without a summons issued against you, invest in plenty of paper to write again and again asking for documentation.

If you're lacking in basic documentation such as survey reports, mortgage agreements etc from when you purchased your home, then have a word with the solicitor who acted for you in the purchase. Most solicitors will keep their files for 25 years in a purchase matter, although they are not legally required to do so. Most solicitors will allow you to take the originals of the files they hold.

Another thing you can try, and again information is on the website, is to serve a Subject Access Rights Notice on the lender. This means that everything that they hold on their computers about you, they will have to disclose. The SARN doesn't stretch to paper copies of anything they keep, although after October this year, paper documents will be included under the Data Protection Act.

Hopefully these suggestions should provide you with some paperwork you and your solicitor can use.

-- pendle (, June 12, 2001.

So Pendle as you are answering Details on a Question RE NHL/PARAGON/LOM Would be interested to know what Court Experience you have had against these Lenders-this is not an insult but you seem very sure of to your facts.Aslo the Companies itself! Would be most helpfull.

Charles Twford


-- charles twford (charles, June 12, 2001.

I don't understand what you mean by what court experience I have had against these lenders. I have had none. I haven't quoted any specific examples of cases concerning these companies. What I have said in my posting above is a mixture of common sense and both my own and others' experiences.

If I want to know what solicitors do, then I ask them! I have no objections about approaching a solicitor (or other person) to find the answers to my questions. And when I find out information, I'm quite happy to share it!

-- pendle (, June 12, 2001.

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