The above repossessed, I think! my house just over 6 years ago. At the time my husband and I were under a great deal of stress, I am sure any one who read this will know the feeling well. I had recently had a baby and my husbands business was failing fast. We had a #68,000 morgage with National Home Loans and their interest rate was quite high at the time, I think around 15%, so our repayments were very high. We fell into arrears and we were taken to court, we were given 56 days to vacate the property, our eviction day was Christmas Day. My husbands business then went bankrupt and he signed on. Part of our mortgage was then being paid by Social Security. This went on for some months when we began to get late night phone calls, debt collectors knocking the door and many upsetting letters. National Home Loans had decided that the amount being paid was not enough and gave us 30 days to vacate the property. Being good, honest citizens! we gave them our forwarding address and they have not left us alone since. They are now demading full repayment of #36,000 although the mortgage was for #68,000 and the house was sold at auction for #55,500. We have now got a solitor involved because none of National Home Loans/lom(debt collecting agancy) figures add up. We have been charged the full amount of intetest on a 25 year motgage - is this correct? This is more a piece of advice than a question - beware of NATIONAL HOME LOANS/PARAGON - they will not give you any help or advice, they will not give us documents or figures that we or our solicitors are asking for - WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

-- d c (, June 06, 2001

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