What kind of Ducks & Chickens are these?

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I'm going to attempt to post pictures here (haven't tried it before), if it does't work, I'll post their URL in a response :)

If anyone can identify these chicken breeds, I'd appreciate it: The brownish one looks kinda like a hawk, so we've named her LadyHawke :)

Also, here's one of our younger ducks: It's a pretty one, with a beautiful green sheen on the black starting to come through.

Thanks in advance :)

-- Brendan K Callahan (sleeping@netins.net), June 05, 2001


The hawk looking hen is probobly a Cochin. Someone else will know what variety.

That fine looking duck is a Cayuga, named after a lake in New York or something. They are supposed to be good layers, with a blue to gray eggs. Good for eating too, if you don't mind the skin of dark birds. The hen will get to about 5.5 lbs (drakes 7 or 8 lbs).

-- Marty (Mrs.Puck@Excite.com), June 05, 2001.

Here's a site that will help identify all sorts of birds.


They collect pictures of all sorts of birds, so whatever you've got, it's probably in there somewhere.

(the black & white one looks like a Dominique or a Barred Rock to me)

-- Connie (Connie@lunehaven.com), June 06, 2001.

Do the chickens had ear tufts? If so I'd guess they are Easter Eggers, one probably some sort of Barred Rock cross and the other I'm couldn't even guess at.

I agree with Marty about the duck. I'd say Cayuga also. She must have been studying up on those.

-- Trisha-MN (tank@linkup.net), June 06, 2001.

If the barred one has a rose comb (i.e., looks more like raised bumps instead of the upright comb), she may be a Dominique, or a cross.

-- Judi (ddecaro@snet.net), June 06, 2001.

The barred chicken looks to be a Dominique (sometimes called Dominiquers). The other hen may be a cross breed of some sort.

Can't help with the duck.


-- Live Oak (oneliveoak@yahoo.com), June 06, 2001.

Hawk looking hen - partridge cochin I think, upon instpection of fowl sites. (try also searching McMurry Hatchery-they have grate photos)

-- Marty (Mrs.Puck@Excite.com), June 06, 2001.

The golden hen looks exactly like my americana (spelling?)

-- Elizabeth (Lividia66@aol.com), June 06, 2001.

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