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I was going touse rebar as my ground rod for my electric fence but recently read that rusting could be a problem. What kind of ground rod would be the best? Is the average 120volt charger gonna shock a bear too? My predator friend is unfortunately a black bear after my chickens. Does anyone know or does anyone have any tips on electric fencing that they havent shared yet? Thanks in advance.Michele.

-- Michele Rae Padgett (, June 05, 2001



Any hardware store should carry grounding rods, clamps and grounding wire. For electric fencing, they are the same as used to ground an electric meter. The rods are 8' long, galvanized, 1/2" in diameter. To sink them, I used the driver used to set t-posts. They were started using a stepladder until the driver hit the ground, then a sledgehammer the rest of the way. The size of the charger will determine how many rods are needed. My grounding system is three rods spaced 10' apart.

I use an SE-3 charger from Jeffers, which put out up to 9.1 Joule (10,000 volts) if there are not any shorts. It is really not all that much more expensive than less capacity chargers. For example, 2.9 joule ($60.75), 6 joule ($79.55), SE-3, 9.1 Joule ($89.95). (Jeffers also offers repair service on any charger they sell.)

I don't have a problem with bears, but do know it will keep a bull away from a cow in heat. I also know I have accidentially touched the fence and wished I hadn't of done that.

Someone suggested putting peanut butter on the fence wire once it is installed. If the bear chomps down on it, it will probably teach them two things - to respect electric fencing and not to like peanut butter.

I firmly believe at least cattle can tell when a fence is charged. Perhaps they smell something like ozone or can hear the pulse.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, June 06, 2001.

We have always used rebar for ground rods, and has lasted over 20 years so far! Use what you got, and save the trip to the store! And, yes, the charger will be sufficient to keep the bears away, they have a healthy respect for zappers., and are not stupid, they learn fast!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, June 06, 2001.

I have a solar fencer. I've always used rebar. No problems.

For the bear, sounds like a bullet may be necessary!

-- ~Rogo (, June 07, 2001.

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