A Wardner illegal recording and some games to be banned...

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I've playbacked Lesan_czech's INP of Wardner and see a technique that is well to be banned;secifically there is a zone in level 2 that you make easily about 100k pts before Time up.Extra life come to each 100k...

Also there are these games to be banned as well: Yes/no Sinri Tokimeki Chart(Yesnoj):Quiz on sex that is too easy,regardless to the language(japanese).Even I finished that,that I have no knowledge at all of japanese,so... Atari football(atarifb):Two player game/too easy

-- Kale (angelo.salese@tin.it), June 05, 2001


The Wardner trick was aleady banned a long time ago, search the board. And it's 60k, not 100k.


-- BBH (lordbbh@aol.com), June 05, 2001.

OK,so what about Disqualify Lesan_czech INP?Is possible that no one have seen that he MAXED OUT the score with that trick?

-- Kale (angelo.salese@tin.it), June 05, 2001.


I remember this from way back, think is was agreed that a player could leech on 1 life only............

So, basically leech on 1 life and finish the game without loosing any other lifes to get a max score.......

Game Guru

-- Game Guru (gameguru@cableinet.co.uk), June 05, 2001.

Hi there,

I know you are trying to find answers to game related questions about Wardner, so I'm a bit embarrassed to barge in and ask this, because it has nothing to do with your questions.

Back in '89, I played Wardner in an arcade and was hooked on the game. When they closed the arcade down, I forgot all about Wardner, until last week. I've downloaded so many crappy Wardner roms for MAME that I'm beginning to think that the latest version of MAME can't run it. I'm getting so tired of looking for the rom that I'm about to give up and just live with memories of Wardner.

Can anybody lead me in the right direction to getting a copy of the rom that actually works?

Thanks for listening and sorry for the intrusion. :)

-- Brent (CyberWrek@mail.com), July 01, 2001.

www.mame.dk auuta get you the right ones...

-- Chad (churritz@cts.com), July 01, 2001.

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