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After months of looking for a 55-100 zoom, both new and used, I finally found a good source that is willing to deal on price. Both Genesis Camera and Delta Int. have posted their new 55-100 lenses on Ebay with little results form buyers. I contacted both and it seems that Delta will sell this lens below their reserve of $1300. They will sell it for $1290 + $15 shipping. Smile says $1239 in their ad but you can't get one for that. Their zoom goes for $1335 in reality. This lens has gone up in price recently as reflected by World's price and others. If anyone is interested in this lens, try Delta. Talk to Betty at (877)782-9840 x 13. I think this price($1305 total) is about as low as you will find. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (, June 04, 2001


That is a good price. I paid $300 more than that for mine at B&H a month ago. I am a loyal B&H customer, so dont really shop around that much. Caveat emptor.


-- Jim Korczak (, June 11, 2001.

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