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Hi I purchased a Brownie Fiesta Camera Outfit at a yard sale. It is in mint condition it looks like it was used once. It is in the orginal case with all the unused flash bulbs , flash ,3rolls of film 1 used roll and 2 unopened,and the orignal batteries are included.I trying to find a price. It is the r4 model. Please help. Valerie Brown

-- Valerie Brown (, June 04, 2001


Hi, Valerie, When you say you're trying to find "a price", does that mean you're trying to find out what the value might be, or that you want to re- sell it and don't know what to charge?

The original list price for this camera was $9.00 U.S. For the full kit that you describe it's difficult to say what the "value" today might be. I would guess about $15.00. Anybody else have a different figure?

-- Peter Lutz (, June 06, 2001.

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