Kodak Select B+W+ 400 Film

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I have just finished shooting a roll of Kodak Select B+W + 400 film. Is there a particular type of paper I should be asking the lab to use when printing? I seem to remember somewhere that this film causes prints with a sepia tone. Does anyone else have experience with this film?

-- Gil Kunster (gkunster@mindspring.com), June 03, 2001


Only the choice of paper (and, optionally, toner) determine the tone of the print.

-- john stockdale (jjss@bigpond.net.au), June 03, 2001.

Gil, I have not used that film, which I believe, is C-41 process. I also think it is formulated so that it will print good black and white on color paper. This gets it away from having the sepia or green, or whatever shift other C-41 B&W films have when machine printed on color paper. Hopefully somebody will post a more detailed answer.


-- Christian Harkness (chris.harkness@eudoramail.com), June 04, 2001.

My answer above should, of course, have included choice of paper developer.

And, I didn't even imagine that it might be a black and white process involving a stage (or two) of colour processing!

(Just my mindset limitation. I was just getting used to the 20th century when 2001 came along)


-- john stockdale (jjss@bigpond.net.au), June 04, 2001.

Select B&W has an orange mask to make it more compatible with consumer C-41 automated printers. You have no choice about the paper, it's the standard colour paper that the lab uses or nothing. Printing onto normal B&W paper is difficult to say the least, with this film.

-- Pete Andrews (p.l.andrews@bham.ac.uk), June 04, 2001.

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