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Would be interested in any "tried and true" natural methods of fly control forbthe homestead. Am aware of the benefits of poultry, diatomaceous earth, and good manure removal practices. Seem to remember a bait that Grandad mixed up and placed in a jar drawing the flies and trapping them. Am not really interested in adding more toxic chemicals on the place. Thanks for your unput.

-- Neal Brewer (, June 03, 2001


take a jar,, fill it part way with water,, and add a bit of raw meat. Put the lid on ,, but punch a nail hole in it,, outside in, just enough for a fly to get in,, but the sharp edges wont let him out. Put in downwind and in the sun. When its full,, dump it for the chickens,, and start again.

-- stan (, June 03, 2001.

Same concept that Stan had given you, but they sell a lid that all you have to do is screw on to a jar. I have found that any smelly material works. (Rotten tomatoes, dead flies, ect.) Again fill the jar half full of water and add something smelly. This will atract many flies. I found that my jar started having maggots in it. (I hated that.) To get rid of maggots - put a solid lid on the jar and put it in the sun. They will die. I have seen the items at Wally- world. I like the quart size. These will last for years. The first ones I bought were called fly-in-saucer. Look in the pest section.

-- Tom S. (, June 04, 2001.

Jeffers sells fly traps with very effective liquid bait. Same concept, but no solids.

-- Sheryl in ME (, June 06, 2001.

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