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I've been trying to edit DV footage from a Sony DX1000 to a Canon XM1 but when I couple the DV out on the Sony to the DVin/out on the canon all I get on the Canon is "Check DV Input" message. Both cameras will output DV footage to my PC (Can't try PC to XM1). Canon indicated that the cameras were not compatible but I thought that IEEE1394 was a universal standard.

-- Peter Whiteley (, June 03, 2001


When you say XM-1 i assume it is the cam one rung below the XL-1and you bought it outside the states (GL-1 being the name there). The bastards at Canon decided not to have input mode for anything (vcr, dv) I guess because the XM-1 and XL-1 are very similar but the XM-1 is about half the price in Australia anyway. So a big no to any sort of input other than what you shoot which sucks big time. What i'm going to do is get a low end Canon andf transfer stuff that way.

-- Gaza (, December 13, 2001.

I have know answer but have the same problem with my XM2. iT SUCKS BIG TIME i AGREE.

-- James Nelson (, March 02, 2004.

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