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Hi, I had a friend who gave me 10 hens. They are really nice breeds and I really thought it nice of him. About a month ago one of his hens had a really gross swollen eye that was oozing stuff. I quickly dispatched it, then another hen got it. This hen was our favorite and one of our first hens. We cried when we dispatched her. I had another chicken today show the same symtoms in BOTH eyes. I had to put him down also. What is this and do you think it will run through the whole flock (40) hens? Karole

-- Karole (, June 02, 2001


I've seen something like that from mosquito bites or nat bites by their eyes.If that's the problem you need to leave a light on so they can see the mosquitos at night.They will be able to avoid the mosquitos but usually they just eat them.If it's the same thing and the eyes get swollen shut, you don't have to kill them, just put vaseline or better neosporin on their eyes.And show them where to drink and eat until the infection clears and they can see again.Don't think negative of your friends gift unil you know for sure if it spread from his hens to yours.

-- SM Steve (, June 02, 2001.

Chickens can get a virus that shows up in the eyes like this. Generally its not lethal, maybe 1-2% die. It will slow down gain and egg laying because they don't eat or drink well. Try the topical treatment with eye ointment if you don't have too many as it is the secondary infections that really muck things up. You may even want to put some sulfa or neomycin in the water for a short time just to clean up the secondary infections. Eventually the birds usually get their immune systems to kick in and shake the primary virus and things calm down. However you then have the virus on the premises. If you order chicks next year, have them vaccinated for everything so you get broad protection. If you raise your own chicks you may want to order vaccine and vaccinate them yourself.

-- Sandra Nelson (, June 03, 2001.

Fancier good old eye colds are very bad this time of year as the wild bird migration causes them to get the virus. Unless you use Tylan 50 1/4 cc in the eye pocket where the pus is it will not abate. This is very catching and probably killing the birds is the only thing. But I would try the tylan 50 injected into the eye and then when that is down use it in the breast meat. Also email me at for a article with the exact types of medications to use in the water. I would clean out the building and use agricltural lime on the floor about 1 inch think cand then put the bedding on it Also clean the pens and use about 2 inches of the agricultural limestone to cover and disinfect the pen. One can use 2 inches of peagravel or sand in the pen and then 2 inches of the agricultural limestone so that the pen will drain off naturally and disinfect it at the same time. Email me for more information Glenda L. Heywood

-- GLHeywood (, June 21, 2001.

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