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Shandong Hit by Severe Drought, 2.18 Million People Short of Drinking Water

Sources from the meteorological department shows that Shandong is suffering the worst drought of 85 years as it has so far only seen an average rainfall of 25 millimeters, decreasing by over 70 percent as against the same period of years in the past.

To this day, 44 million mu (15 mu = 1 hectare) of crops in the province have been struck by drought with 12.18 million mu suffering most and 1.4 million mu already withered away. The drought also brought temporary shortage of drinking water for 2.18 million people and 432.700 heads of livestock while 57 cities and counties are lack of water supply. Some areas haven't seen a drop of rainfall since May. The wheat output is surely to be reduced in the most serious drought-stricken areas. Besides, the seedlings of the spring crops are possibly to die down and the shortage of water supply is to be worsened should there be no rainstorm soon.

As reported measures have been urgently taken by the local government to combat the drought so as to ensure the water supply for people and irrigation, thereby minimizing the losses entailed from the drought.

-- Martin Thompson (, June 02, 2001


Does anybody else notice any pattern developing. Severe Drought in China, severe drought in Brazil, severe drought in Northwestern United States. I believe there are several other places that are having severe droughts as well. Is this typical to have so many severe droughts all over the world at one time? How about it Martin?

-- Guy Daley (, June 02, 2001.

I truly believe there is a serious problem developing around the world concerning drought conditions. Serious droughts are happening over many parts of Africa, North America and Asia. Drought is causing terrific food shortages and migrations in Afghanistan. Brazil is having power problems due to the lack of rainfall. I think the water situation is probably worse than the energy crisis, but is not getting the coverage. That is why I set up categories for drought and world water crisis sometime back. If some one wanted to read through these articles they could see a real threat to the world water supplies.

-- Martin Thompson (, June 03, 2001.

Note this article was from the Peoples Daily. The situation must be pretty bad if the Government newspaper reports it.

-- Martin Thompson (, June 03, 2001.

Actually what I was asking is if you think these drought problems are being caused by the havoc we play on our environment by deforestation, global warming, severe pollution etc rather than a naturally recurring cycle.

-- Guy Daley (, June 03, 2001.

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