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I have decided on purchasing either Sony's VX2000 or the PD-150. After trying out the Cannon's (XL1 and GL1) I've decided that the chips just aren't as good and pixel shift is BS. But I'm having a real hard time deciding. So here are my issues. The PD 150 has some major step ups..it shoots in DVCAM which means it has audio lock. It has built in XLRs and a B/W viewfinder for easy focusing. Can't I make the VX2000 almost as good?? If I add a Beachtek adapter I get the XLR inputs, but are there any issues anyone as had with these adapters i.e. noise lower levels etc? As for the DVCAM thing and audio lock. Is it that big a deal. I've seen articles that say even after an hour of constant taping the audio doesn't slip on minidv. I'm just trying to get the best camera for the best price. Any help would be great. Oh i should mention that most of my work is for creative flims..i.e. action sports, weddings etc. Thanks!

-- Robbie Carman (robbiecarman@hotmail.com), June 02, 2001


I have had the opportunity of proving ++VX 2000 as compared to the ++Xl1 of rate. Finally I have decided me by the rate xl1 since has optics change. The colors in the ++XL1 are more @@calidos, ableer for @@filmografia being been able cool with a @@flitro 80B. The definition is technically greater in ++VX 2000 though in practice and to simple sight are not appreciated differences to take into account. It is possible to have the sensation of the fact that the image in ++VX 2000 is more defined, but this is due to that it is more @@fria than the one which provides the ++XL1. If we mount a filter 80 B in the ++XL1 the image is the same. The ++XL1 has a most professional visor and results more @@comoda to the power be supported to the shoulder, though tends in spite in excess in the objective, being a little descompensada.

In a nutshell they are large two chambers to a similar price, only will determine which to acquire the need of wanting screen, optics change or @@' report card .

I wait have to him/her/you been of usefulness.

-- Andrés Barquier (magellan@teleline.es), June 10, 2001.

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