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Hi,,any folks out there living in WV? I am now looking for land and want to get information on available land for sale,,,am looking to buy on land contract..4-10 acres,,,am mostly interested in Southern WV, E or W,,Will consider other areas,,,,Any input appreciated,,and email sites will be helpful...thanks ahead of time...Take care......

-- Patsy, MT (, June 02, 2001


Hi Patsy, we are in SE OH, between Marietta and Wheeling, the country looks much like WV, but we are closer to areas that provide job opportunities and acessable stores and supplies, plus the land here is far cheaper than WV, I looked for three years all over WV before we bought here!

An excellent website for landhunting for this area and adjacent WV is, they tell about the area and are wonderful folks to deal with, they usually have 5 to 30 acre properties with livable houses on for under 75,000, some times for under 40,000.

Happy homestead hunting!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, June 02, 2001.

Patsy, try getting a copy of the "Market Bulletin" available free of charge to any landowner in WV. Call an extension agent. Or check out some WV newspapers on the web (the Charleston Gazette, Times-West Virginian) or TV stations for other info ( or

Also (Your Bulletin Board) is available on the web and covers parts of MD, PA and OH too.

I'm not from SOuthern WV so can't help you there. Is there a reason you are intereste din that end of the state?

-- Anne (, June 02, 2001.

West "BY GOD" Virginia.

-- Herb Miller (, June 03, 2001.

Hi Annie and Anne,,,,ANNIE, thank you for the Ohio information,,,I will look up the land sites you sent me,,and if I see some land on WV border I will most likely check it out,,,but will try WV first,,,I have been in Ohio and it does have beautiful areas,,I have friends in WV and that's where my heart is. thanks again,,,write again sometime,,,

ANNE,,thank you for the info,,I did get a 'Market Bulletin' years back. Would you happen to have the address that I can write to them or email them for the current copy? Thanks ever so much..I want to do some special work down in Southern WV,,and I love the long horse trails down there. But actually I would move just about anywhere in WV) if I found my ideal "place" and the price and payments are right. Mostly interested in the East,South east,,,want to stay out of the high risk flood areas,Where do you live in WV? thanks again,,,Write again,,,

-- Patsy, MT (, June 05, 2001.

The Market Bulletin WV Dept. of Agriculture G. R. Douglas, Commissioner 1900 Kanawha Blvd., E. Charleston, WV 25303-0170

I'm in Northcentral WV, about 25 minutes from Morgantown (WVU), 1 1/2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA, 4 hours from Washington DC and 2 hours from our state capitol.

-- Anne (, June 06, 2001.

Patsy, check out the Pocahontas Times. Its a local Pocahontas County WV newspaper. They have some classifieds, I think it will provide you with some good leads. I own 170 + or - acres in the county and will be moving there in July when I retire from the US Navy. Good Luck!

-- Chip (, June 12, 2001.


We are currently looking for some acreage to "play" on and as an investment.

I did a search on and found some stuff in southern WV. It was too far from us here in Maryland but the price looked really good to us from here in Maryland where 1 acre can go for 75,000 dollars. I saw some stuff in WV that was 1,000 dollars/acre.

Right now, we're looking at 27 acres in PA. 23 on one side of the road and 4 on the other. The 4 has a creek and a brick cottage that has a gaping hole in the roof. There are some non-mortared stone retaining walls here and there around the 4 acres. Really pretty place. We can't figure why it is 79,000 dollars. Now, it could have something to do with the septic system not being any good and the condition of the well unknown. But still....

At any rate, check and see what is there.

-- Heather in MD (, June 15, 2001.

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