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This is a try story/joke. I bought my 5 year old neice a little activity book that was labeled K-1. Well she asked what it meant and I said it meant kindergarden through first grade.She says no Auntie Lisa K-1 is J... Isn't that a cute kid. Li

-- Lisa (, June 01, 2001


Recently my six-and-a-half-year-old asked my husband, "Daddy, when you get old, and you're almost ready to die, can I have your guitar?" Life is never dull around kids.

-- Cathy N. (, June 01, 2001.

Reminds me of the time I was attempting to prove to some co-workers that children could learn algebra at early ages. I asked my 5year old , "if A = 1 and B =2 then how much is A+B?" His response was "C". Kids see things that we miss or have forgotte

-- David (, June 02, 2001.

Hehe--my son "hacked" my LAN when he was 3 1/2. (He's almost 6 now) I'd let him practice with his letters on a computer using a word processor. When he went to print to the shared printer, he got muffed that it needed a password. So he waited until I used it later, watched, and remembered the password. The next day, I find he printed 60+ pages of the letter "A". Darn kids :) They pick-up far more than we realize.

-- Brendan K Callahan (, June 02, 2001.

My 3 year old granddaughter things the Itsy Bitsy Spider goes "The itchy, itchy biter"..More right than she knows.

-- melina b. (, June 02, 2001.

When the 5 year old I take care of was 4 she asked me "Auntie Debber, does God have a sense of humor?" Well, I had to think a minute about that one. But then I told her he must have one, after all he made people didn't he? :)

-- debra in ks (, June 02, 2001.

Some funny kids out there! My 3 year old son used to say this prayer before we ate: God is great, God is good, let us thank him for our food, by His hands we all are fed, give us Lord our daily fed bread. I got so used to hearing the fed bread, that now I say it!

-- Michael W. Smith in North-West Pennsylvania (, June 03, 2001.

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