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Hello! Does anyone know where all the Smartusers meet - or arent there any? Ive been using an old version of Smart for years without any problems and would like to know if there are any new installations of Smart. I downloaded V4.0 and it has a lot of problems. I think these problems could be solved very fast but they are there. For y few problems you may find a workaround and some things ar enot bad if you do not need the function. Over all its hard to install and run Smart at the moment as you cannot find hints and demos on the net. If someone knwos more, please post

-- Roli (office@mmmm.cc), June 01, 2001


I use the Smart 4.0 but the newest version. I have no problems with it and found it fairly easy to install. The guy that has been working on it is really good. If you what to see a working version go to www.finethings4u.com Rick

-- Rick (rob1000@ptd.net), June 01, 2001.

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