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Dear All,

Thanks again for answering my previous questions. I have a few more:

1. For the Silver Meteor, and Silver Star; as well as the East and West Coast Champions, where did these trains make fuel/water stops (on both the ACL/SAL and the FEC)? Also, where do Amtrak's current "Silver" trains make fuel/water stops?

2. Where can I find (or can anyone provide me with) a listing of surviving SAL, ACL (and even FEC) equipment used on the streamliners?

3. Is there a list of survivng train stations along the SAL and ACL in the State of Florida?



-- Phillip L. Bell (, June 01, 2001


Amtrak's new P40s and 42s with their 2200 gallon tanks have somewhat complicated the old fueling and watering process on its Florida trains. (The last F40 ran May 30th, leaving Washington on the Capitol Limited, by the way. Other than an extreme emergency, the only F40s you will see in Amtrak colors will be in the scrap line at Beech Grove, and they are being cut up at the rate of two per week.) Whereas diesels have traditionally been exchanged with electic motors at Washington, the switch is now made at Philadephia on the Star and Palm, and as long as there are two locomotives, they go all the way to Jacksonville (using about 100 galllons an hour.) The Meteor continues to be repowered at Washington and thus with only one locomotive, still goes to Jacksonville. Now, if either the Star or Palm has only one engine, it is refuled southbound and northbound at Richmond as insurance, because the loco burns more fuel generating head end power (electricity). With two locomotives, the HEP production is swapped enroute so that neither engine will use significantly more fuel. To further complicate things, when any of the trains runs late, contract fuel vendors are called to insure that the train doesn't run out of fuel, so, in a nutshell, you may see that little red fuel truck show up anywhere. When I first worked passenger engine service, the engines' steam heat water tanks had to be filled before leaving Richmond, and at Florence (or Hamlet). Ocassinally we would water a train at Rocky Mount. That's as far south as I went. Water (for human consumption) must be approved potable. Washington, Richmond, Savannah, and Jacksonville are water stops (and sometimes a diner on the Star is nearly dry arriving Savannah from Richmond because in addition to cooking chores, dishes must be washed.)

-- doug riddell (, June 03, 2001.

Currently the only water and fuel stop in Florida (except Miami) is Jacksonville. The fuel at Jax is trucked in and directly pumped into the engines from the trucks. I have a photo of this operation if you want it. There is a list of surviving station somewhere in the Q&A forum. I can't remember if it covers all of Florida. What I know is this: Surviving stations used by Amtrak - West Palm Beach, Sebring, Winter Haven, Kissimmee, Orlando, Winter Park, Sanford, Deland, Palatka, Tampa, Wildwood. New Amtrak Stations: Lakeland, Jacksonville, and I beleive Delray Beach, Okeechobee, and Dade City. I am not at all sure about the rest.

-- Jim Coviello (, June 02, 2001.

At one time Amtrak fuled and watered at Hamlet and Florence.The "Star" at Hamlet and the Auto-Train at Florence ( I think this is a crew change also) The Seaboard trains fueled at St.Petersburg.Wildwood,Jax and Miami. The ACL trains at Jax,St.Pete,Miami (on SAL) and Sanford. FEC trains at Jax,New Smyrna Beach and Miami. There are list of surviving cars and stations somewhere,at the moment I can't remember.Maybe someone will.

-- Joseph Oates (, June 02, 2001.

At one time Amtrak fuled and watered at Hamlet and Florence.The "Star" at Hamlet and the Auto-Train at Florence ( I think this is a crew change also)

-- Joseph Oates (, June 02, 2001.

1) After the merger the main refueling and watering locations were Hamlet, Florence, Jacksonville, Miami, Wildwood, Richmond, Sanford. I think thats all. I'm not certain were Amtrak refuels if at all between NY and Miami with the larger fuel tanks nowadays. I believe they water at Hamlet and Jacksonville. Ron D

-- Ron Dettmer (, June 01, 2001.

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