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I'm trying to determine if there is better reliability between the 2000 and 2001 F4s. I realize this is unscientific but would like to know if MV owners are experiencing similar problems.

With my 2000 MV with 1,300 miles, I've had the following:

1. Oil leaks: 1) missing crush washer, 2) oil filter and 3)a minor leak from engine was fixed buy spraying a sealant on the gaskettes. After 500 miles, no further leaks.

2. Falling from idle: When pulling in clutch or closing throttle, the MV occassionally falls past idle and shuts off.

3. Vibrating handle bars at 4,000 to 5,000 rpm. This has reduced somewhat now that I have 1,300 miles on the bike.

4. Max temp reading was 217, which considering the 105 degree temp and stop-go traffic is pretty good for the MV.

5. I've notice some minor brake fade after some use in really hot temperatures. Not much of a problem. Perhaps brakes need to be bleed.

6. Flat spot from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm. This is also my biggest question. Does the 2001 MV (with the revised chip) also have the infamous flat spot? If they don't, is it possible to transplant a 2001 chip in to a 2000?

Thank you for your responses.

-- Allan Gibbs (, June 01, 2001


I have 2300 miles on my 2000 F4S and haven't had any of the problems mentioned above. There may be a flat spot below 5000 rpm but I've learned to keep the revs up in all gears; the torque really seems to begin at about 6000 (!). Brakes are very mushy when cold; the lever comes right to the grip. When they heat up they are fantastic, especially coming down from speed. Rear brakes are very grabby, I've left mine alone for the most part after experiencing a pretty hairy, fishtailing lockup! My biggest gripe so far is the fact that my lower fairing has begun to melt and deform, especially on the lower right side. The bike gets hot in slow-moving traffic situations. Coincidentally, 217 F is the highest temperature I've noticed as well, and my bike sees it pretty often. One other problem is the lack of available Oro parts (carbon fiber, etc.) here in the States. Can anyone else relate to that?

-- Chris Eden (, June 01, 2001.

I have a 2001 F4S with 1900 miles (I've had the bike for about a month and a half). No oil leaks, but it is in the shop now for a coolant leak somewhere by the shifter.

Only recently has the temp stayed in the 208 range (city driving aside). It usually stayed around 185 - 192, but lately it has been running rather hot (maybe something with the coolant leak?). Also have the problem with the right side of the fairing (belly pan actually) melting.

No real flat spots to speak of but then again I'm not a real hard rider. But when revs are kept between 9000 - 10000 while shifting the rear will slip a bit (something that doesn't happen on my R1 with the same Dragon Evo Corsa tires).

Lastly, found it interesting the comment about the rear brakes being grabby. I found mine pretty useless, so much so that I haven't used them at all after the first week that I've had the bike.

-- TP (, June 01, 2001.

move the lever down so your foot's travel will put less force on the master cylinder. that uaually fixes grabby rear brakes.

-- swerve (, June 01, 2001.

I have a 2000 F4s 1+1 and I had the same problems.

1) Oil leak that almost made me crash at high speed.

2) Falling from idle. This was fixed changing the body injectors ("farfallate" in Italian). This also helped to fix flat spots. Now I don't have flat spots, but have in mind that this bike likes to go revvy.

3) Fadding brakes. I hope that changing the pads and fluid this will improve.

4) High temp. No problem in motorways, road or track. Riding in the city It usually reaches 100-110 degrees Celsius. Dangerous!!! This is not an urban bike!!!!

I hope to be helpful!

-- Leo Font (, June 02, 2001.

I've got an early 2000 model and have experienced the following: 1) Popping and banging and cutting out on a closed throttle - going back to three cross for new throttle bodies under warranty. 2) Oil leak from l/h side engine plate (the one that sticks through the fairing) when hot 3) Running very hot - hopefully being converted to twin radiators soon (not under warranty as cagiva insist that it isn't a problem!) 4) Vibrating bars which has actaully proved quite useful as it makes you relax your grip! 5) What back brake? I'm sure mine is for decorative purposes only!

havent experienced any flat spots or brake fade...

-- Preston (, June 02, 2001.

Hey bikers,

Stop with water temp problem, 105 C are common on road bikes when on the city (even on Hondas and Suzukis) you don't have to worry about that. If that was so bad you will read soon a lot of messages about head cilinders gaskets blows and since I never read about that... Concerning leak of oil instead it's true Any comments??!!!

Laurent Swizerland

-- Laurent GABERELL (, June 03, 2001.

I have a 01 1+1 with about 1200km on, had 1st svrc @ 980km. Fitted MHP exhaust with superchil from Phil Read,

Problem: 1) Engine cut off. 2) Major backfiring coming down at around 5000rpm. 3) Minor brake fade when hot.

No visible oil leaks so far (thank God).

-- Eric In Hong Kong (, June 03, 2001.

In answer to Laurent saying 'dont worry about high temperatures' I think Im entitled to worry when the petrol tank gets so hot I can hardly even touch it!

-- Preston (, June 03, 2001.

I have 1800 miles on a 1+1, (oct 2000, so is this a 2001 model??) I have had no problems at all so far, no not one.

-- willy (, June 04, 2001.

I have now 6000 km on my F4(1+1). I had no major problems up to know. For some time I could not start the motor with the clutch handle in, but.. the problem solved itself. Every 1000 km, I have to work on the front brakes, because the handle touches the steering. This can easily be solved, by pushing very slowly the brake pads with a screwdriver away from the disk. In that way you push the vapor bubble inside the brake pump to the brake fluid reservoir. I changed my Duc 916 for an MV fully aware of the difference in power characteristic. It took me some time to get the max out of my MV. To day I am not unhappy about the change. I put the titanium SIL exhaust pipes on day and brought them back to my dealer. Although they looked terrific, I got problems with my neighbours and the police because of too noisy. The revs around 1500 rpm were irregular.

-- Patrick Maes (, June 05, 2001.

2001 F4S approx 700km Haven't broken it in but have seen Streets of Willow and Portland International already. Problem: 1. Oil leak left side fairing 2. Fr. Brake is the worst I have experienced when cold, in fact it is WAY worst than the Performance Friction pads on my 748.

-- Takie Chan (, June 14, 2001.

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