I had my home repossesed when i was 20, HELP !!!

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When I was 18 I took a (so-called) joint morgage with my ex who was 30. Our lender was the TSB at that time now Lloyds TSB. The relationship ended and my ex moved out, 20 and beside myself with worry I couldn't afford the mortgage. I contacted my lender to tell them and they advised me to put my property up for sale at an asking price that covered the amount we still owed 36,00. I did and after 7 months with no offers and the bank threatening repossesion I oppted for a voluntry repossesion and posted the keys to the lenders solicitors along with my contact address.

Almost a year went by and I phoned many times to find out if the house had been sold and eventually it was, they asked my address I told them, next thing I know I recieve a short fall letter telling me I owed them 18,600. Distraught and unable to comprehend why I didn't owe them half that amount I contacted a solicitor, turns out I signed a joint but seperate liable agreement and I was the idiot who kept in touch !. At 21 and wanting to go to university I agreed to a payment scheme 40 a month, but when I started uni I couldn't afford anything a month, so I ran, I changed my name, my address, bank account and was carefull never to use my old name for a thing especially not credit.

A year went by I thought they couldn't find me, but they did. The first letter I recieved was addressed in my old name and wasn't very threatening , the second letter I returned unopened with "not known at this address" on it. Now 23 and a full time student nurse with 3 years left on my course I'am at my wits end and I do not know what to do or who can help. I can truthly say that I'am ill from the stess and worry and I just want it to end so I can have some kind of future. Can someone please advise me I get a student bursary and could offer 1000 even although I can't really afford it I would do so it if I thought they would accept it. I made them an offer when I recieved the original short fall letter but they were not willing to accept anything less than 7,000 then. Do you think they will accept 1000 now ?????

-- frances gallacher (frances_gallacher@hotmail.com), May 31, 2001


You can write back in the knowledge that they shall not pursue you whilst you are studying. Even our most stubborn banks know that to pursue a student training to be a nurse would be the greatest PR mistake since Gerald Ratner tried to humour the city with his "Crap" speech. Write to your lender explain that you are in training to become a nurse, read this site carefully, and stop worrying. You have more to concentrate on than this obstacle. I wish you every success in the future,



-- Jonah (richardj@sitel.com), June 01, 2001.

You get a student bursary using a false identity? To train to be a a nurse?

This makes it difficult to say anything else to you but: know your basic rights, and read the 'Repossession' section of this site to help get you there.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), June 01, 2001.

Thank you for your private email to me, Frances, in which you say, "(p.s) I don't recieve a bursary anyway , I'am a degree level student nurse who has to rely on student loans."

I'm confused, however, because in your post above you most definitely say, and I quote you, "Can someone please advise me I get a student bursary".

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), June 04, 2001.

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