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hiya all, thanks to all who have helped me in the past with getting my chickens up and running - all has been well up untill now - they are 16 weeks old now and ive just gone out to feed them and ive noticed one chook is very quiet and didnt come runnning over to me like the others. I went and picked her up and she was very quiet and sedate and when i put her down near the food she wasnt interested and went back to the hutch. I went over to look at her and noticed a big poo (i assume it was from her) normal except for a 'slug like' piece of bright blood stained poo at the end of it. When i picked her up to see if she had a prolapsed rectum or something visable, she started to throw up a milky white fluid (about 10ml). She isnt thirsty when i put her near water and has no desire to eat. She just sits there all fluffed up and not running around. This has happened in the last 4-5 hours. CAn someone please help as im not sure what to do - ive seperated her form the others (they wernt picking on her, i just dont want them to catch what she has) and i dont want to lose her. Thanks joseph and his chooks

-- joseph mccallum (, May 31, 2001


If she's fluffed -up she's probably cold,keep a light on her.It's hard to tell what to do without seeing her.But keep her warm and try to force her to take liquids, maybe put some lemon and honey for energy and to clean out.To force liquids , you can use a syringe without the needle.The right antibiotic can help, but you'd have to act fast .If your not attached to this hen you might leave her to die.Usually they are not as productive as egg layers after they get real sick and they aren't good for eating even if they get better.

-- SM Steve (, May 31, 2001.

Have they been treated for worms and coccidia ?

-- Patty {NY State} (, May 31, 2001.

Vomiting is usually related to a crop problem. Along with the blood in the stools you would have to wory about total GI involvement. Parasites or an infection are highly likely. I would pursue both of these areas although usually a sick chicken is a dead chicken. Good luck. By the way, I'd have to check on it, but I think sulfamethazine in the water may help coccidia and act as an antibiotic

-- teresa (, June 01, 2001.


Profuse... Enteritis; excess roughage in diet

Bloody... Cecal coccidiosis; Newcastle disease

Green... Feed intake low; bile not diluted

Sulfur yellow... Blackhead

Light yellow or yellowish-green... Fowl typhoid; fowl cholera

Foamy... Intestinal parasites (protozoa)

-- ~Rogo (, June 03, 2001.

Fancier she has what we call coccidiosis and the only treatment is Corrid, Amprol, and or Sulmet. These are the three and where you live as chook denotes australia or some where but USA, I don't know what you have there. She will live about a week and expire if not treated. She is already into the coccy about three to 4 days. I would use the sulmet and only water with sulmet in the waterer like it takes 2 tablespoons to a gallon and leave on sulmet 5 dyas and off two days with clean water and then on 5 more days of sxulmet in the waterer.I have a formula to use wet mash for a quick start in her system if you wnt to email for it.if more info needed email me at the article email Glenda L. Heywood

-- GLHeywood (, June 21, 2001.

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