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Thanks for checking in. After about 7-8 days of extreme rain and high humidity, my piano sounds a little out of tune. I purchased this 10 yr old pre-owned Kawai medium grand in december, tuned it when it got here and then again in february. The humidity in my climate controlled home is always about 42-48%. it shot up to almost 68% and is now down to about 55, and hopefully going down. If my piano's sound doesn't spring back within the next week or so, should I get it re-tuned, or just wait for my scheduled 6 month tuning in August?

-- joan (, May 30, 2001


I had that same problem with my piano (a Yamaha 52" prof. upright that's over 25 yrs. old) after moving. I had it tuned right after moving & again several months later, but it took it about a yr. to adjust to the new climate. Now it's okay.

Is the piano you purchased still under warranty? If you purchased it from a store, you can call, explain the problem & ask what can be done. Perhaps they can send a tuner out to work on it now. Another option is to keep it & see what happens. It may spring back like my piano did. Since it's a Kawaii, chances are good that it will.

Hope this helps.

-- Music Educator (, May 31, 2001.

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