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I have heard that DVCAM is just a gimmick by Sony, and that there is no difference in quality (if shooting in either with a miniDV). Yet I have also heard that there are fewer dropouts with DVCAM tape. Any views? Thanks.

-- agustindq (, May 30, 2001


Yes, DVCAM is a different formulation in a different shell. Over prolonged use, in particular, I think you would see a differnce in durability and dropout if not picture quality. Similarly, Panasonic has developed a professional line of DV tape with improved selection process, formulations and better shells. You can see all these products in the video tape > DV secion of our online store at

Consumer tape overall, in any format, has quality control that is not strict as compared to pro. In some cases, it's not even much cheaper.

Hope that hel

-- Craig Berlin (, June 04, 2001.

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