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I am a new DBA tranisioning, would you recommend any good tools, scripts available on the web, books on administration on backups/recovery. Thanks

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2001



Here are four of my favorite sources.

I find SQL Server Books Online fairly comprehensive and have even read entire "chapters" from it from time to time. For instance, in Books Online for SQL Server 2000, click on the Contents tab and you will find a section on "Backing Up and Restoring Databases" under How To/SQL Server Enterprise Manager/Administering SQL Server.

For finding answers to specific questions I find the usenet newsgroups microsoft.public.sqlserver.* very useful. You can search these at

Another good resource is the SQL Server page at is at This includes a FAQ, a Tip Library and discussion of current events in the SQL Server world.

I have also enjoyed taking instructor led SQL Server courses. I recommend that you sit in the front row and ask questions.

I also recommend hanging around this or other SQL Server forums such as the usenet newsgroups and pitching in to answer questions. Looking up and researching answers for others is a good way to learn.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

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