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Comparison please?

I am stuck here is Bermuda, it's a tough assignment but somebody has to do it!

I have looked at some lovely open water sculling boats and also a 'Guide Boat' with a sculling rig installed.

This is probably like comparing a Ferrari with a Land Rover as far a performance and 'rush' are concerned.

Does anybody have any experience sculling a guide boat?

Are there any major compromises that have to be made?

The reason I am erring on the side of the 'Land Rover' is that my wife can sit in the stern (until I have taught her to scull) and we can go exploring the islands and coves. I can also use it for some fitness training when it is just too hot, humid and sunny to use my Concept II.

I'd prefer a reply to please.

Thank you for your help,


Michael Swain

-- Michael Swain (, May 30, 2001


I am curious about the same thing. I am trying to find an open water double sculling boat that can take a moderate chop. Is a guideboat good for that?

Thanks, Melanie

-- Melanie Simmons (, June 29, 2001.

Michael, Melanie,

It sounds as if you have not yet stumbled on an article on this very website. Go to "Newsletter," then " Articles on our Website," then click on "5 Sliding-Seat Boats Reviewed (Aug 98)." It's not just a good review of 5 boats, but also offers some sound advice on the merits of different hull designs in general.

I like the Alden 18 (formerly " Alden Double") myself. It's a good boat for two and, in my opinion, an even better boat for one in a moderate chop.

-- Michael Kaspareck (, June 30, 2001.

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