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Had to share this with you.

3 letters from Curtis so far - ALL written and supposedly sent on the last working day before a bank holiday weekend (Easter, May Day and Last weekend). I was warned by this excellent site that this happens but find it quite ammusing that Solicitors really are pathetic enough to do it.

Am I scared by it - no way. In fact I am looking forward to a bit of peace and queit on the post front until the end of August!!!!!!!?????

-- Te hee (, May 30, 2001


URGENT WARNING (from a 'Curtis' experience) After three letters, within ten days of the third, if their claim is not disputed and just ignored, Curtis may serve a statutory insolvency demand upon you (SID). If you haven't made your position clear to them, they will 'twist' the law and use a SID to make you bankrupt - sounds unbelievable but true! SIDs are inappropriate where no money judgement orders are issued and/or claims are disputed but if you just keep quiet it will be Curtis' hope that these facts are overlooked by a judge reading their SID, especially when you've been shown to be uncooperative by not communicating - you'll be assumed to be in the wrong. It's crazy but all of a sudden the onus of proof goes to you, and will probably involve using a solicitor - not the end of the world but still costs time, hassle and money. IT MAY BE WISE TO ACT VERY QUICKLY. If you chose to do so, send your correspondence by recorded delivery it needn't say anymore than is advised on the home-repro website but make it very clear that you are treating the situation seriously but require proof of the claim before you can proceed. See 'Stat Insolvency Demand, Royal & Sun Al MIG - Curtis Solicitors' question of Q&A section to see how they operate.

-- Richard Butler (, May 30, 2001.

So as long as you write back, keep polite and request clarification and documentary proof you are okay. I have never ignored any letters and, despite it being tempting, never will. Also, there is no MJO so it seems they would have a hard time in getting SID.

-- Matt (, May 31, 2001.

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