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I would like to try using ID-11 for HP5 and FP4. For HP5, the package suggests times for 1+0, 1+1 and 1+3 and i was wondering how this effected the 'look' of the final negative? Previously i have used Ilfosol S and the suggested development times @ 1:9 dilution. Will i notice any marked difference between this and ID-11?

Many thanks in advance

Andrew Buckley

-- Andrew Buckley (, May 30, 2001


ID-11 (D-76) 1+1 will give you sharper negs but a little larger grain.

-- Patric (, May 30, 2001.

the greater the dilution, the longer it will take to develope. the longer the film is is developer, the more pronounced the grain will become.

-- ricardo (, May 30, 2001.

I haven't used the Ilfosol S with HP5 or FP4, But I have used it with Delta 100 and love the results at 1+14, 10 min., inversions for 5 sec. every minute. Does well in high contrast scenes, but I wouldn't shoot in low contrast situations.

-- Mike DeVoe (, May 30, 2001.

Oh yeah, real sharp too.

-- Mike DeVoe (, May 30, 2001.

As someone stated, the more dilution, the longer the development but the more the developer "acts" like a compensating developer and usually gets to be a fine grain type developer. It's really a judgement call if you want to stay in the soup for 20+ minutes or...

-- Scott Walton (, June 01, 2001.

Compensating developers do not offer finer grain. Higher acutance and accentuated edge effects, yes. If the agitation is not too strong...

-- George Papantoniou (, June 08, 2001.

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