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I have just received my documents from the Halifax today and found a note amongst it confirming that THE HALIFAX spies on this site, they are probably not the only building society to do this. Be very careful what you write here on the board, I know that I will be using e-mail from now on. They know the advice that I was given and what advice I asked for - they named the site, so they must have some sad person sitting and reading the posts, what a lovely job! So Halifax you will have to find other ways to spy on me from now on, you probably have a person planted on the board to GIVE ADVICE, I wouldn't put it past you.

-- Juliette Turner (, May 30, 2001


There's a section on the site somewhere that lists some of the companies that have visited the site, and the Halifax are in illustrious company (companies WAY better than them have been here).

My understanding of the internet is limited, but I imagine it would be impossible to keep them out. The only good point to derive from the situation is that after reading about the hassle and distress their tactics generate, they might start adopting better practices rather than the current shambolic way they treat people. After all, when you look at the detail, much of the website isn't about us trying to diddle them out of their money, it's about making sure they treat (what they used to call) clients, with dignity, fairness and respect when times become hard rather than bullying, wheedling and evading.

Most of the regular correspondents on the site are careful to give out generic advice and we always advise you to confirm any specifics via a solicitor or CAB if possible. Some people are also willing to enter into private correspondence as well (especially if they share the same surname!).

Keep going.

-- Andy T (, May 30, 2001.

Hi Juliette,

I'd like to remind myself of the background to your story - could you please remind me of other threads you have posted on this Q&A board, please. (The rough headings will be fine, and/or an idea of what date you first posted on this Q&A board.)

Thanks. Otherwise it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!


-- Eleanor Scott (, June 04, 2001.

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