Michigan Residents (Are Copper and Eagle Harbors Worth the Trip?)

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Am thinking about taking the kids up to Copper Harbor and Eagle Harbor. Is it worth the drive? Can you recommend any spots? I'm coming from central Wisconsin so it won't be too awful far. Thanks for all your advice!!

-- Pat (mikulptrc@aol.com), May 29, 2001


Response to Michigan Residents

Having been born and raised in the UP, I can recommend a few places for you. Definitely Eagle and Copper Harbors are worth the trip. There's a place near Copper Harbor, Fort Wilkins State Park, used to be a good place to take kids. If you're camping, there are a lot of good campgrounds throughout the Keweenaw penninsula. Don't know how old your kids are, but if they're old enough and hikers, try to take them onto Isle Royale for a day's hiking trip. Make sure you stay up late and watch for the Northern Lights, you have a good chance of seeing them. If you've got time for a side-trip, the Huron Mountains are just east of the Keweenaw penninsula and the Porcupine Mountains are to the west. Both are also nice camping/hiking areas. We're also from Central Wisconsin and will be making a similar trip this summer. Let us know how your trip turns out. We're looking forward to ours!

-- Rose Marie Wild (wintersongfarm@yahoo.com), May 29, 2001.

Ditto on what Rose Marie said. I lived in the U.P. for 16 yrs. Copper Harbor is beautiful. I lived by the Huron Mts, another very worthwhile sight seeing trip. Just remember your insect repellant!

-- jean from Ky (dandrea@duo-county.com), May 30, 2001.

On the way there, check out Black River Harbor. You can hike along the river and see several waterfalls, plus there are car parks close to each set of falls in case your kids are too young to hike far. There also is a ski flying hill nearby, you can ride to the top and see all the way to Canada.

I spent 4 years in the UP while at Michigan Tech, and 12 years married to a Yooper.

-- Sherri C (CeltiaSkye@aol.com), May 30, 2001.

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