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I was wondering about growing mushrooms for my own personal use. Is it worth it? How hard and how do you get started? Ronya Hammonds

-- Ronya Hammonds (, May 27, 2001


If its just for your own use its not too hard. We tried it with oysters a while back and it was pretty simple. Very weather dependent and you might have to water your culture logs if the rains don't cooperate during the fall cool weather.

Something thats worked out well for us is when we go foraging for mushrooms, we notice the kind of area they seemed to like to grow in and then looked for similar conditions on our land. Then, when we're cleaning the shrooms we foraged or get one thats wormy, we "plant" it in our yard, just by cutting it up and scattering it around in the area selected.

We pick boletes around here. They seem to like a sandy soil where pines grow and we have each here. We mulch the pine woods floor with more pine needles to give the badly neglected soil a boost and now we've got a dependable bolete patch. I'm gonna try the same thing with honey mushrooms and some oak sawdust. (Honey mushrooms LOVE oaks)

-- john (, May 28, 2001.

Get yourself a copy of "Sept/Oct 2000" issue of Countryside magazine.

-- TomK (, May 28, 2001.

We harvest several hundred pounds of mushrooms every summer. Most are sold, but a few are kept for home use. A few years ago, we decided to harvest the logs that were already producing. These include Angel Wings,Oyster and Chicken ( Sulfer Shelf). We located the logs with mushrooms during the summer and went back to get them in the late fall. Tried to mimmick their surroundings. So far all is well. All of the logs produced several flushes last summer, though we had to water a few times due to the dry summer. I don't think buying kits are worth the money. You get a couple of small flushes and that is it. The big wild logs will produce for several years in the right conditions with no expense. I would encourage you to join a mushroom club and go on forays to learn the wild edibles in your area. A couple of days walking in the woods should produce most of your home needs. And you will have the cream of the crop. Not just cheap button mushrooms, but a wide variety of flavors and textures that will enhance any meal. Some are a meal unto themselves. Please email with any questions. Happy hunting. :) Terri

-- Terri Perry (, May 29, 2001.

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