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I have been trying to make a decision on wheater or not to study Secondary PE teaching next year. I am currently working as an trainee accountant, and feel that I need a job that outdoors involving sports. I feel that I would enyoy this career path, however I'm not sure on the number of jobs out there. This is really the only thing affecting my decision, as I know people who have done a similar course and have struggled to find a full time position. If it's not to much trouble could you please email me some info in regards to the positives and negitives of your job, if you enyoy it, why or why not, and the reality of being able to find a full time position on the completion of the degree.

Thanking you

Luke Daley

-- Luke Daley (, May 27, 2001


Dear Luke, I'm currently studying to become a PE teacher at the University of Wollongong and I'm loving it! The job prospects I am told are very good at the moment ( our uni is telling us that we can basically pick and choose).

As you probably know there are going to be positives and negatives in any job that you follow and teaching of course is known to have alot of ups and downs. At the moment for me the positives are outweighing the negatives big time, I have the opportunity to help affect people's lives in a positive manner and teach them things that are relative to their future. I love kids and if you go in with a positive approach you find that they will respect you a much as you respect them.

It has to be your choice though and if worrying about a job is all that is stopping you I think that your mind is partially made up. Good luck in the future.

Emma Doyle.

-- Emma Doyle (, July 28, 2001.

Hi Luke..

As a first year out teacher these are my words of wisdom...

Have a passion for inspiring the younger generation. As young teachers ...we can do this better than anyone.

Treat your students as equals... fairness is the key

Experiment ... if you do decide that this is your career path...use the practicuums you get at uni to experiment different teaching techniques

First year out is mentally, physically and emotionally draining! A full time job after 4 years at uni?!?! BIG CHANGES HAPPEN ( no more sleeping in, oh and you have to manage your time, your Friday nights also turn into tv and ice cream nights because you become so exhausted). As a pe teacher...your body adapts!

You also need alot of motivation and positive energy! If you cant motivate yourself, you cant expect your students to be motivated.

You have your bad days and you have those days where you really feel complete. If you can walk out of a classroom knowing that you have taught at least one student something new, you really do feel good.

You learn so much at uni that you simply cannot apply when you are teaching.. Its so different in practice. The more you experience the more you will gain.

First year out is a steep learning curve and i am assuming it will continue as long as i teach

If you have the passion to teach ...follow it ! There is always the possibility that you will either love it or hate it .

I wasnt so sure i wanted to teach. I had similiar concerns about employment . When you make school selections dont be selective. Choose schools from different areas especially the western suburbs . The most diligent students at uni didnt get full time jobs because they were too selective (eg only selected northern beaches/ eastern suburbs schools). You can choose these schools dont get me wrong , however there is a greater demand for teachers in the west.

It is definately challenging! Pe and Health are by far the most interesting and fun subjects to teach. PE lessons are great fun and you can do so many different things both within and outside the classroom.

Give it a go ! Be prepared for days where you question your career choice because of stress and other things. However at the end of the day ... if you love kids, love teaching and love a challenge , you will make a difference !

Good Luck ...

-- maria tzoukos (, October 03, 2001.

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