i know where he lives(not lying)

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hey guys! whats up? i'm lying i know where he lives. I live in Upland California it is near Ontario. If you have heard of that! Anyway, he lives in Upland, California! i have not seen him but my friend has seen him andhis house! i'm not lying! i PROMISE!! write to me if you guys disagree but my friends have seen him IN his house! later!!

-- Amanda (BeachBABE2587@aol.com), May 27, 2001


I Know for a fact this is NOT TRUE!! As of June of 2001 Richard Gere lives in Pennsylvania! He as been spotted several times in the area in which i Live! He also has a son that he takes to a local playground that is 10 minutes away from me! I have many people say that they did see him walk the streets to where he is living!! This is a proven fact!

-- Tisha Hoffman (Tangeleyes1974@aol.com), August 10, 2001.

I thought he lived in New York City....I know he has a house or apartment in Greenwich Village in NY.

-- Elizabeth (Tygal13@yahoo.com), September 03, 2001.

Richard Gere is living in Berks County, PA now. I know exactly where he is living, but It wouldn't be fair to him to tell everyone. He deserves his privacy.

-- (kaplvf@infi.net), January 08, 2002.

According to a recent NYPOST.com edition, there was a rumor with no back up facts, that RG & family was farm house hunting, somewhere in Pennsylvania.

-- cappuccino382000 (me@newyorkcity.com), February 17, 2002.

-- cappuccino382000 (me@newyorkcity.com), February 17, 2002.

Recently the NYPOST couldn't get any confirmation or denial as to whether Richard Gere and Carey Lowell purchased a horse farm, in Berks County Pennsylvania. There have been a lot of Richard Gere sightings, I know where he lives, but I don't know where he lives, and rumors. Couldn't the truth be as simple as this: While he was filming throughout Pennsylvania, he temporarily purchased or rented that home? When finished he permanently moved out. While on location, he did the celebrity hellos to all Pennsylvanian folks. He shot his film. While there he was seen at those mentioned various places. That was then. Now he continues to spend a lot of time in NYC. He also travels a lot. The press has recently reported, Richard Gere's multiple buying, and selling of homes with property. He has more than one home. He doesn't live in all of them. Yes. He was born in Pennsylvania. He was raised with his family, in NY State. Wouldn't it be more logical to read/hear about his owning, or renting a home in NY State? I am not calling anyone of you liars. It can be confusing.There have been so many people claiming this and that. There have been so many reported facts,rumors, speculations, assumptions, and guesses. Yes. Richard Gere had been sighted in Pennsylvania, many times. I am not calling anyone of you liars. All that excitement has ended. I am just asking that you honest people consider my possible scenario and explanation. Richard Gere's possible Pennsylvanian(,and his other) personal residences remains one kept secret, we civilians probably will not find out, until who knows when. As of my typing this, Variety has reported that Mothman Prophecies has earned $34(something)Million. Sony Pictures spent $42 Million to make this film, plus salaries,

-- cappuccino (me@newyorkcity.com), March 01, 2002.

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