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I found a nest of smallish eggs....I THINK they are guinea eggs, but the other guinea eggs I have found were white and these are speckled. The broody hens that Mary so graciously gave to me have taken off on their own, although they are being heavily courted and may go domestic again, so these eggs could possibly be theirs as I am unfamiliar with their eggs. Does anyone have guineas that lay speckled eggs? I put them under my chicken who is determined to brood after all, and I guess I will know in a month or so if no one has the answer for me. thanks!

-- Doreen (, May 26, 2001


hi Doreen, can't tell you if they are guineas without looking, but can tell you pretty sure they are not from any of the hens I gave you. They would lay a pretty normal size egg, probably brownish white. Are they shaped like guinea eggs? Bet if you tried to crack one you could tell (lol).

-- mary, in colorado (, May 26, 2001.

Yeah they are more pointed. However they are larger than the previous guinea eggs I have found. Definitely smaller than my hens eggs. I bet they are guineas. I just never saw speckled guinea eggs before. I don't want to crack one though!!

-- Doreen (, May 26, 2001.

Ain't ya'll ever heard the southern term "speckled as a guinea egg"? They are normally considerably smaller on one end than on the other and have a pale tan background with darker tiny spots.

-- Green (, May 27, 2001.

I bet they are guinea eggs, if they are pyramid shaped and pointed, that's a sure sign of guineas eggs!

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, May 31, 2001.

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