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Hi all. Just found the site...very interesting. I had a repossession in 1992. Total nightmare all round..shortfall of a lot of cash, even though I had a Insurance protection cover. Basically the Building Society undersold. Over the past 10 years Ive built my credit rating up, and am looking to get back on the housing market. Should I leave it another 2 years? Or should I apply for a mortgage? I realise that 6 years has past, and Im not in theory on a mortgage black list, and it doesnt appear in any Credit Agency reports sent to me. My partner is worried that as soon as I apply, my name will appear in lights and there will knockings at the door. Im also interested in looking at some of the original court paperwork etc etc, but again, dont want to rustle the leaves and have all havoc dropped down upon me.

A debt collection agency DOES know where I live by the way, so Im not in hiding.

I would appreciate any comments.

-- Jack O'Neal (, May 24, 2001



Not clear where the debt collection agency fits into all this? Have you ever had any approach (or attempted approach) from the lender or its agent(s)?

-- Eleanor Scott (, May 25, 2001.

I am not sure where you got the info but you *will* be on a mortgage blacklist for a minimum of 12 years, regardless. No it won't appear on your credit file, but there are two or three other sources the Lenders use and you will probably be on one of those. I say probably, because I have noticed that voluntary repossessions seem to avoid it sometimes? At least I know of two or two people who have gone on to get new mortgages after a respectable time period has elapsed (but have not admitted to the repo on the form, a questionable action I won't comment on!). I rather suspect you [we] stay on these hidden lists forever, but have yet to prove that theory. With regard to the Court papers, you may have difficulty getting copies as most Courts seem to be pretty quick to destroy any documentation held after 6 years, some after just three. They can apply for a waiver to destroy accumulating paperwork on dead cases and do so where the case was not criminal or referred to a higher Court.

-- Too scared to say (, May 25, 2001.

Thanks for your time in answering.

Elenor: The debt agency is a representive (or so they say) of the Biulding society. They remind once a year or so that the monies are out standing, that I have 7 days blah blah. As per this web site, not much happens aafter the threats.

Yahoo: I read on this web site somewhere, that the black list only lasts for 6 years, and then you are removed. You state that [we] stay on the list for 12 years. But why then do we pay for a credit search with the agencies etc and only recieve part of the info? Surely the Data Protection Act is allowing us to see EVERYTHING that they hold on us?

I look forward to your replies.

-- Jack O'Neal (, May 26, 2001.

PS The house was forcefully repossessed, not voluntary.

-- Jack O'Neal (, May 26, 2001.

The Council of Mortgage Lender's Defaulter's Register holds details of your repo. This is checked in addition to your credit file and other references, as I understand it. I have no idea how this sits with the DPA these days and would *love* confirmation that the list is purged after six years. I know of one case where a repo turned up after nearly 11 years on a "reference check", but I have no way of knowing if it was from this list or any other. Centralised lenders are/were not included on the register as they are/were not bound by the CML...but I will happily stand to be corrected.

-- Too scared to say (, May 26, 2001.

OK, looks like its time for to to track down the Council of Mortgage Lenders details and serve a SARN? on them......:-)

-- Jack O'Neal (, May 27, 2001.

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