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I really love the tonality I get with Diafine, but lately the base fog has been excessive, and very grainy. This is with Plus-X and Tri-X. Both film and developer have been fresh. Do any of you old-timers have experience with this problem?

-- John Fleetwood (, May 24, 2001


I've been using Diafine with Tmax 100, Tech Pan, Kodak HIE, and Maco 820 for about 3 years. Everything looks fine. The only film I've ever experienced fogging problems with is Konica 750, but I understand this is normal and one reason that I switched to Maco. A bad batch of Diafine from the factory?

-- Gene Crumpler, NC, USA (, May 24, 2001.

I too have been using Diafine for years and... sorry, no fogging. I would try to get another batch and start fresh. Sorry about no insight.

-- Scott Walton (, May 26, 2001.

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