Wanted PEINERT Dolphin or MAAS 24 (June 2001)

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I am a very frusrated sculler living in Bermuda. My Concept II is the closest I can get! Please let me know if you can help me out. Regards, Michael Swain (Ex Weybridge RC, Surrey)

-- Michael Swain (michael_swain@bdacos.bm), May 24, 2001


I recently found this post on rec.sport.rowing

From: murpat@aol.com (Murpat) 4/27/01 8:58 AM

Subject: singles for sale Newsgroups: rec.sport.rowing

Swan Creek Rowing Club, Lambertville, NJ is turning over singles and has for sale:

Alden Star $600 Little River Cambridge $600 Vespoli club $2,000 2 - Peinerts $1,500 each

all boats well maintained Contact Murray Glover 609-397-7751 or murpat@voicenet.com

I have no idea what shipping would cost to Bermuda, but $1,500 for a peinert single isnt bad. Hope this helps

-- Stephen Borghardt (stephen.borghardt@verizon.net), May 24, 2001.

Hi, we have several boats for sale. http://www.craftsbury.com/row/boats.cgi

Not cheap but they are what you are looking for.

-- abi (abiq@craftbury.com), October 16, 2001.

THANK YOU for the responses.

I am now the delighted owner of a Pro-Am 25 from Little River Marine.

Some great salesman in the States sold it to a Bermuda non-sculler saying that sculling was great exercise. Onve imported; he took it out 4 times and rolled it each time. There is no coaching in Bermuda. Then he loooked for a buyer - ME!

All the best,


-- Michael Swain (Michael_swain@bdacos.bm), October 17, 2001.

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