Where can I find movie called "The Lineup"?

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Found on this Website a 1958 movie called "The Lineup" that was partially shot in the Sutro Baths and its adjacent museum: http://us.imdb.com/Details?0051866

Where can I get a hold of this classic, and what does it show?

Thanks for any detail, Chas

-- Charles Trebusch (agentprovocateur2@hotmail.com), May 23, 2001


Hi Charles,

Last month a copy of "The Lineup", 1958, was posted to e-bay and went for $95+! and I was NOT the winning bidder. Luckily, a local movie buff was fortunate enough to hear of my search and generous enough to make a duplicate for me. The movie is essential for anyone interested in San Francisco history.

Multiple "real" locations are shown including the waterfront, the Steinhart Aquarium, the "new" embarcadero freeway and of course the legendary Sutro Museum AKA Sutro Baths. At least five minutes of filming take place inside and around the museum, the entranceway, the penny arcade and the maritime exhibit as well as good exterior shots of the Cliff House.

Another nice thing is the movie itself is very compelling and ought to be considered a classic of the film noir genre. It's amazing to me that we don't more about it.

I've also heard of an on-line movie source for rare film noir. I'll pass it along when I know more.

It's worth the search as well as the wait,

Dan Fontes

-- Dan Fontes (danfontes111@yahoo.com), May 23, 2001.

Hi Chas,

I saw the movie you're talking about on one of the movie channels it was either HBO/Showtime/The Movie channel or Cinemax. I caught it late so I was only able to tape part of the movie. I started watching it when they were inside the Penny Aracade and the Aquarium. It was a great story. It was funny seeing the Freeway which has undergone so many changes. You might try phoning or emailing the movie channels I mentioned and they may run it as a favor to you. You never know. Stranger things have happened. Good Luck, Dave Butler

-- David Butler (innervisions73@hotmail.com), September 20, 2001.

Hi Charles. I know this is almost 2 years after you asked the question, but the Lineup will be on Mystery W tonight in Sacramento on digital cable. I don't know about your area. Diana

-- Diana Clarke (dianaclarke2001@yahoo.com), February 03, 2003.

After looking for this movie on cable and in video stores for a long time it showed up early this very morning at 4:15am Friday Feb 7,03 on MPLEX. Unfortunately I have satellite and no MPLEX. I worked in San Francisco in the early 60's out of college and used to visit the Sutro museum and baths (since burned down) They had a life like creation of a a chinese man whose name I recall as "Ito." The hairs on his head were real. They also had a Tucker automobile, with the rotating center headlight, and lots of other great exhibits. The old "new" Embarcadero, as somebody else noted , was quite prominent. Steve McQueen in "Bullitt" also covered some of the same area. See the Bullitt site for solid info on their various S.F. location sites.

-- Doug Barclay (haughleigh@aol.com), February 07, 2003.

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