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Greetings everyone, I'm kinda new to this forum, but it looks like a lot of good people and fun posts. I'm currently looking for land in the New Meadows central Idaho area, and would love some input as to growing seasons, appropriate breeds of sheep, chickens, goats. Also wondering about things like covenants, water availability, well depths, general land prices. You know, all the pertinant info a prospective homesteader might need to know. I'm currently living in Ketchum ID, and will be taking the motorhome over to New Meadows the week after Memorial Day to look at parcels. Any help in this quest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


-- Rick Hostetler (, May 21, 2001


Check out

-- Lisa K (, May 22, 2001.

I am from Challis Idaho. You might want to check this area out. There are remote pieces and in the town the weather is not bad in winter. Pioneer Reality is a good real estate co.

-- lynda (, May 23, 2001.

Idaho City checking in... lol!

Everything in my neck of the woods seems to be regulated out the wazoo... Hate it. In some spots, you can't even have a goat if you have 10 or more acres!!! Fortunately, this little town doesn't have too many restrictions, but everything around it does.

I'm new here, so I am not even sure (looking at the map) exactly where you are from here, but a few miles north of here, the water is pretty good. Most people (those I've talked to that are within about 15 miles of us) say that water's usually found within the first 150 feet. If you buy land which has live water on it, you will have to make sure that water rights are included in the deal. Some folks can't even bottle water for livestock out of their creeks...

Land prices throughout Idaho are on the high side right now... Best bet is to wait till summer is in full swing. Last summer, prices were darned near half what they are now - even out Weiser way. A friend here in town said that they go way down toward fall. Most everything along Hwy 21 and Hwy 55 are up over $14,000 per acre at the moment. The farther you are from Boise, the cheaper the land.

A realtor told me that most places sit on the market for as long as three years - that most things don't sell in the first year they are listed. Think its the prices. Lots of folks around here are being touted as 'eager' to sell, 'distressed' etc. Those are the best to look at.

Watch out for areas that are going to be developed. Once they are registered as a development site, not only do the restrictions come in, but also, you MUST subdivide. I was looking at 40 acres that I thought might be good. State law says how many parcels I would have had to divide it into (it was not yet subdivided). I wanted to buy it and just homestead it. State said no - parcels must be developed.

Always ask the realtor before even letting him take you into an area what the restrictions are!!! We were going to look at another place, cause it had EVERYTHING we wanted... (Its pretty hard to find on Earth, let alone in Idaho, LOL) we were half way in there before we found out that even on forty acres, no chickens, no goats. Broke my heart and wasted half a day.

-- Sue Diederich (, May 23, 2001.

Thanks for the info folks. Still just need to get out and look around. I've thought about Challis, and like the area, but am looking for someplace a little lower in altitude and better for farming. New Meadows looks good, but still need to find out a lot more before I decide.

Thanks Rick

-- Rick Hostetler (, May 24, 2001.

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