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I would like to know when the line between Columbus, GA and Hurtsboro, AL was abandoned. While passing througe Seale, AL over the weekend I obsereved that the track had not been used in some time. The only information I have on the line is N.S. timetable 13 for the Alabama Division dated June 19, 1994 showing the line still in operation. What industries were located on this line and did they help contribute to it's abandonment? Thanks in advance for your help. Justin Dzan

-- Justin Dzan; Louisville, KY (, May 21, 2001


The line from nuchols to Hurtsboro was purchased in 1998 by pinebelt railroad out of shelbyville tn. at the presant time they are trying to shut the line down, and are meeting some resistance from some of the towns. pinebelt rail-road is trying to play with the date they purchased from norfolk&southern anyone doing buisness with them protect yourself.

-- edward epley (, August 17, 2002.

Thought of one more thing. Don't know how familiar you are with this area- you may already know all this. The line from Columbus splits at Nuckols, with the old Andalusia line going one way, and another, newer, line going to a huge paper mill at Mahrt, AL. The mill is a terrific traffic source, big enough that NS maintains the line to a pretty high standard. This line should be around for a long time. David

-- David Harris (, May 23, 2001.

Justin, I believe the last run was in February 2000, but will check my notes at home tonight to be sure. The only shippers I know that were active toward the end were in Hurtsboro. Again relying on memory- I think one was wood/timber related, the other was sand and/or gravel. The two units (an ex-Seaboard System GP30 and ex-Southern GP35 were taken to Troy, AL, site of another Abernathy operation. The Opelika- Lafayette operation appears secure for now- at least it was on my last visit, a couple months ago.

-- David Harris (, May 23, 2001.

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