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I have a venerable Omega 45E that has served me well, until today. The rail clamp on the front standard is allowing the standard to slide on the rail. I am wary of over tightening since many a 45E has cracked the plastic rail block from doing so. Is there any thing I could do to the surface of the rail or the inside of the clamp to add some friction?

-- Dave Schneider (, May 21, 2001


Not sure if you would want to take it this far, but I've heard of individuals gluing strips of carborundum paper to the inside of rail clamps to prevent slipping. It would scratch up the rail, but should give you plenty of hold. Thin latex sheeting (you could cut it from a latex glove) might also do the trick. In addition to providing grip, it'll reduce the amount of free space in the clamp that would lead to slipping, perhaps too much, though. Good luck with it, whatever solution you find.

-- David Munson (, May 22, 2001.

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