What was the dumbest thing you did as a teenager?

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What was the dumbest thing you did as a teenager?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), May 20, 2001


I tried to convince myself that people could be the way I wanted to see them, and not the way they saw themselves.

-- Anthony V. Toscano (atoscano@mindspring.com), May 21, 2001.

You probably could answer that better than I could...then again, please don't! Love you, Sis

-- Sister Anne (ADucroquet@aol.com), May 21, 2001.

Lighting my first cigarette. Now that was dumb...... Back in the 50's it was cool to be seen with a smoke. And there sure wasn't any warnings anywhere on the pack. The warning my body was trying to tell me with that first puff was hey, stupid! can't you see how dizzy your getting from puffing on this little white peice of paper with some tobacco inside. No my girlfriend and I kept on puffing and even inhaling till I found myself flat on my fanny on the grass with my head spinning so bad I thought I'd pass out. She didn't stand much longer than me and found herself laying flat on her back looking mighty green around the gills. ha.ha Needless to say I continued with this nasty habit till about 5 years ago when I just upped and quit cold turkey. Good thing I did. I was close to 3 packs a day and the price of smokes now is out of sight. Worse than the price of gas :) Gee's I'd have to go and get a job just to support a nicotine habit now. But that was the dumbest thing I did as a teen.

-- Mary Mc Nally (bubba3555@cs.com), May 24, 2001.

Continuing to joyously smoke in a macho way although knowing that I was hooked and the dosage demanded by my body would increase with the years. Too damn dumb to quit then.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), June 12, 2001.

mess with a no good boy.

-- asdf (asdfwer@hotmail.com), November 06, 2003.

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