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After a very Long stay in hospital, I find I can no longer access the Yahoo E-Groups PasturePoultry. I keep getting the 404 file error. It is a public forum and one does not need ID to browse. I do have ID but can not register either.

Any ideas from any one? Thank You JR

-- JR (, May 20, 2001


JR, I just tried and it works for me, so maybe the problem is at your end. This is what I use to get there, copy and paste and see if it works.

-- Carol Koller (, May 20, 2001.

When Yahoo took over eGroups, all I got was frustrated! So, since eGroups was so much more user friendly, I use the England site. Here's your poultry list. Hope it works for ya:

When you use any Lists you have on Yahoogroups will come up and you'll still be a member of your Lists. Don't know how long England will stay eGroups, but I'll enjoy it as long as I can!

-- ~Rogo (, May 22, 2001.

Sorry, JR, I made a boo-boo. This is the url for the Pasture Poultry List:

-- ~Rogo (, May 22, 2001.

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