Vx-2000 vs. Pd-150??

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hello, i am thinking of buying either the vx2000 or the pd150....i cant decide which one to get..i will be using this camera for jackass type of things( stunts, funny everyday stuff with my friends), short production films(good ones, for advanced videography class), skate videos, and freelance projects....i know that the cameras have the same lenses and stuff and there are xlr inputs and the black and white viewfinder on the pd150...but i still cant decide..whats this stuff i hear about with the humm??....thats kinda odd..is this on all of the pd 150's and vx2000's...or has the problem been corrected by sony?...also,,,i could just buy the vx2000 and buy the beachtec xlr adapter, making the final price cheaper....would this make more sense, since on teh pd150, the xlr inputs are on the top handle part of the camera..when i hook up external boom and shot gun mics, wouldnt this be a very flimsy place for the wires...they could get in the way of the lens..please help with this problem...lol..thanks a lot!!

-- ryan fontana (Darkstarskate@aol.com), May 20, 2001



I've been debating the same question. Here are my thoughts on the subject. I believe the humm thing is over. Just make sure you get the camera from a big company that goes through their inventory all the time. I've listened to both cameres first on their built in mikes and then through xlr inputs (used beachtek on vx2000) I really can't tell a diffrence besides the fact that the PD150 mic is mono and the vx2000 is stereo. The two big factors pushing me towards the PD150 are that it plays both mini dv and DVCAM which is the more professional format. With DVCAM tape you get locked audio too. The other thing is the B/W viewfinder. This makes focusing alot easier, plus you have the LCD if you want to see it in color. Just some thoughts

-- robbie Carman (robbiecarman@hotmail.com), May 31, 2001.

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