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I think perhaps Cagiva should concentrate their limited resources on at least partially satisfying the demand for the current MV range before delving off to increase their model range; I speak as one who has paid up a fairly hefty deposit some 8 months ago for a MV Senna, the loss of potential interest earning now being quite considerable. If all 300 Senna's have been allocated then the factory has accumulated approximately £1,500,000, that is 1.5 million UK pounds, without producing a single sample for public sale. I reckon the Castiglioni brothers are at it again, ie. financial double dealing, just as they did with Ducati only now more so. Any one know if there is a Financial Regulatory Board policing indiscretions in Italy as there is in the UK ?? I'm not in any great rush to receive the bike, having waited over 11 months for my Ducati SPS, but the use to which my considerable deposit is being put to is getting more and more irksome with the progress of time. Any one wish to comment ???

-- Francis G.F. Duguid (, May 19, 2001


I can't speak for yours, but usually deposits are taken by the dealer not the factory, so MV does not get paid untill the bikes are delivered, and probably not even then as most importers have payment terms they deal with. Nonetheless I share your anticipation as I am waiting for an SPR.

-- Miguel Bartoli (, May 19, 2001.

that was the answer i sent earlier today: hi joel

as far as the info's concern i have, nobody knows if/when mv starts their production lines again. i'm waiting for an black spr. i have sent an email a week ago to the factory, asking about the "rumour" regarding the standstill of the production lines, and when they think will be a REALISTIC time for delivery. i have not received an answer yet......!! you can try your luck - maybe they will answer you. if you look at the bike magazines worldwide, you will not find any tests about spr's or sennas - this is not promissing sign. the only thing we can do is wait and hope

take care

Peter Sporri

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I'm new here and have just started reading the posts here. I find it interesting and informative. I have a deposit on a F4 Senna and was wondering about when or if anyone has any inside information about the first shipment of these limited beauties to the US. Thanks


-- Peter Spörri (, May 21, 2001.


as soon as I heard the rumours I wrote an e-mail to MV Agusta Italy. Here is the answer: "Dear Sir, the information you read does not correspond to the truth! First, what Phil Read wrote is not right, second, he is not allowed to spread out false information as it is neither one of our official dealers nor he works for our company. That's why his communications are not to be considered and trusted! For any information about delivery, please keep in touch whith your dealer who will be informed by our official distributor in your country. Thank you in advance!" I ordered a "Brutale" a few weeks ago and made a deposit. Last week I received a letter from the importer and from MV Agusta Italy. They told me that they received my deposit and confirmed my contract. They also told me again, that the rumours are not true and that I will receive as soon as possible information about the serial number of "my" bike and the date of delivery. So, let us hope the best!

Best regards

-- H.-P. (, May 21, 2001.

I got this reply from MV Agusta:

Fortunately you can imagine that the factory is still operating! Otherwise you would have not received an answer... Actually we have been receiving many requests of this model and have many orders to carry out. At the moment we are not able to tell you exactly when the bike will be available, in any case we would be grateful if you could keep in touch with your local dealer or our distributor responsible for your country. This is very important for us in order to manage business correctly. Best regards

-- (, June 04, 2001.

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