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does anyone know if you can actually get another mortgage once you have had a repossesion i have looked at the brokers on this site but none actually give success stories! my home was repossesed 2.5 years ago but my problems with credit started about 7 years ago(really poor wage!! had to get cash on my credit card to pay mortgage/yeah i know ,not very wise)then the unavoidable repossesion came.i am now in a council house but my circumstances are far better. had no contact with old mortgage company but i aint hiding(nationwide)

-- paul (, May 19, 2001


a right to buy mortgage will not be difficult if you have had 2 years tenancy with no major probs.this will leave you with a substantial deposit on a sale of your present hpouse in 3 years time.see the site

-- roger watts (, May 28, 2001.

Roger is too modest to point out that he is the sole trader responsible for or whatever the site is that he mentions.

He is also a holder of a consumer credit licence No: 221556, which imposes (amongst other things) a code of conduct on him. I'm absolutely certain that covertly attracting business in the guise of friendly assistance is covered by this, and anybody interested might want to contact Roger's local trading standards people (he's in Bournemouth, Dorset). Their number is 01305 224701.

In brief, Roger, fuck off, and don't come back.

-- (, May 29, 2001.

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