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Does anyone know if the Sutro Tunnel, located in Dayton, Nevada, is still in existence? Sutro spent 15 years of his life working on this, but it was evidently completed too late to be of much use. Just wondering if I visited Dayton, would there be any evidence of the tunnel left to see? Is it marked in any way? Thanks.

-- Julie Anderson (, May 19, 2001


Julie, Yes, the mouth/entrance of the Sutro Tunnel is still visible. It is in the small hamlet of Sutro, NV, not far away from Dayton (in the 1900s teens from Dayton used the tunnel to go dancing in Virgina City!).

We are working to put together a tour of interested individuals from the Bay Area, in fall this year, for a charity event hosted by The Fourth Warden School in Virgina City

Right now, one cannot enter the tunnel, as the entrance is partially caved in, and it is fenced off.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, May 24, 2001.

Sutro Revisited, The 4th Ward School in Virginia Cty, NV is hosting tours of the Sutro Portel ( tunnel entrance )on Saturday, Aug.4th 2001 info: 4th ward school, V.C.

-- J.Mather (, July 26, 2001.

For some nice recent photos see

-- Michael Mahler (, January 26, 2002.

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