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F4 addicts,

I just bought a new french (my mother tongue) magazine where Goggi the chief engineer of MV explain the internal mods to the 750 motor for 2001 models (that's why people see slightly different outputs)and plans for the future.No the F5 1000cc is not rumors the bike is already finisht. Note for people who want to overbore they F4, it's totally absurd because the new motor hasn't a bigger bore but another crankshaft with longer stroke, that's what Goggi said me when I went to the factory 2 years ago...and a friend of me who works in Cagiva also said me that they already have finished the GP1 motor and it revs 19'000 rpm with at least 190 bhp (pneumatic valves). I'm going to translate the interwiew into english (I hope you understand my bad english)and put it on the forum. I have also to scan Brutale Strada first test and send it to moderator I'm going to do that this week-end.



-- Laurent GABERELL (, May 18, 2001


I appreciate your efforts. Today I received the confirmation on my contract from the factory in Italy for "my" Brutale Oro, including some nice prospectus, posters and stickers. They told me that they will provide me asap the date of delivery and the serial number of the bike.

-- H.-P. (, May 18, 2001.

GREAT !!! Sure you will never regret your decision



-- Laurent GABERELL (, May 18, 2001.

I have heard the rumor of the f5 apearing in this BS or reality?...if going to hold off on the mille I was just getting ready to buy.

-- jim Stanton (, May 18, 2001.

They are still and always speaking of presenting the bike at Milan Two wheel show of september this year.But it seems that like always it's not so clear concerning the deliveries. Like for the 1+1 or the SPR some countries are first on the list and others are delivered later regarding the factory output capacity. Never forget that they have to produce Mitos, Planets, Raptors, Navigators, Hva as well....

Gruess got


-- Laurent GABERELL (, May 18, 2001.

I think perhaps Cagiva should concentrate their limited resources on at least partially satisfying the demand for the current MV range before delving off to increase their model range; I speak as one who has paid up a fairly hefty deposit some 8 months ago for a MV Senna, the loss of potential interest earning now being quite considerable. If all 300 Senna's have been allocated then the factory has accumulated approximately 1,500,000, that is 1.5 million UK pounds, without producing a single sample for public sale. I reckon the Castiglioni brothers are at it again, ie. financial double dealing, just as they did with Ducati only now more so. Any one know if there is a Financial Regulatory Board policing indiscretions in Italy as there is in the UK ?? I'm not in any great rush to receive the bike, having waited over 11 months for my Ducati SPS, but the use to which my considerable deposit is being put to is getting more and more irksome with the progress of time. Any one wish to comment ???

-- Francis G.F. Duguid (, May 19, 2001.

Husky's owners don't care about MV they want dirt bikes and MVs aren't!!! Cagiva buyers don't care about MVs they are far too expensive.... Note that GSXRs are something like not available in switzerland until end of the year (importer think that they are too expensive regarding of Yen change rates and ordered very few in Japanese factory). Instead it seems that Claudio is a little it too proud concerning his business and I don't know where they will found money for racing...???

Bests regards


-- Laurent GABERELL (, May 21, 2001.

I have a deposit on the first F5 at my dealer. I am hoping for summer of 2002. I really love my F4S, even better with the race cans and chip. I am still having a hard time getting used to revving the engine to make impressive power. At 9,000 I feel like I am zinging it and it has not even started yet. Thats what you get coming from a ducati and a triumph T595. The point being The F5 if it is as beautiful as the F4S, will be the utlimate road bike. I have heard rumors of it being more exotic than the F4S, and one artists rendering I saw looking like it had a large central opening for a pressurized air box, (RamAir) A la Kawazaki.

-- Jason Cohen (, May 27, 2001.

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